SNSD find their “Etude”


Why do I feel like I end up writing a news about SNSD, even if I didn’t want to. I really do love this girls.

Well, SNSD’s “Etude” is finally out! People thought it would be just another version of BoA’s “Etude” but SNSD have their own style.

If you enjoy songs that sounds like “Yeah, men. Don’t give up. Get your ass off and be who you wanna be”. Then this is the right song for you. It really is.

SNSD will have their ‘comeback’ stage on the 26th… tommorow. Get ready to dance your ass off, once more.

Check out SNSD’s “Etude”.

Credits: MiDeCo86 @ YT

This song kinda reminds me of “Girls’ Generation”. That was one of my fave songs from them. I still enjoy it.


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