Try Being Happy E.Vil


Okay, I’ve known about her for some while, but I couldn’t find much on her. But she seems really interesting, listening to her.

Her name is E.Via, Lee Ok Joo. She is a lyricist, composer, pianist, and best of all rapper. She’s even a big fan of Eminem and Nas. Her first album is titled “E.Via aka Happy E.Vill”. Her new teaser features none other than Sori.

Her voice doesn’t sound like a rapper cause it’s so cute. She doesn’t even look like a rapper but she can rap.

Credits: jaeuraznmv1 @ YT


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a full length album instead of a mini-album. Yesh! Check out the full song of her titled song “Diary”.

Credits: YoDbu1 @ YT

Maybe she can team up with Epik High for a duo.


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