Wonder Girls Release Teaser!!


Oh my God! I’m going crazy right now. I can’t belive it!

It’s finally out WonderFuls! The 30 second teaser of Wonder Girls debut song “Nobody” is out! They released it through their official American website.

The teaser is very nice. Wonder Girls have a grand entrance while they slowly walk down the stairs. It even shows some videos of them in concerts. Even though it only has YuBin rapping and “Saranghae”, it’s good enough to get us, WonderFuls, going crazy.

While they are touring with the Jo Bros, they will sing their english version of “Nobody” & “Tell Me”.

Nobody will be released on ITunes on the 26th. Get set to get it on Amazon on the 27th.

Soon, everyone around the world will feel the wonders we feel.

Check out the teaser. I’d uplod it on our Official YouTube, but I can’t take the chance of getting it copyrighted. Too much videos already. If you can’t go to the website, watch it here, but it’ll get copyrighted soon. Well it should… soon.

Credits: KPOPisLOVE @ YT

Here’s something to keep you crazy. Here’s a preview of the song.

Credits: SoheeFC @ YT


One thought on “Wonder Girls Release Teaser!!

  1. OMG!! I was soooo excited when I saw the teasers!! I’m still used to the Korean version, but it sounds pretty good!

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