Not coming on for some while + Another Death


Don’t worry, the death isn’t in my family, it’s a death from a famous superstar. I won’t be on again because I’m currently spending time with my cousins and sister. So I won’t be on for probably a week or more. I might come on sometimes, but not too much.

There’s also been a death of the King Of Pop. As you all know, this famous King Of Pop is Michael Jackson. He might have nothing to do with Asian entertainment, but he is now in Asia. Pretty much all around the world. His songs aren’t old or new. His songs just feel like it’s something beyond good music, excellent music, awesome music! Something more than that. He died from Cardiac Arrest, something close to an heart attack. I was gonna write news on this, but it’ll seem old by the time I get on. R.I.P Michael Jackson.

Also, Wonder Girls’ Debut song for America “Nobody” has also been released. Check it out on YouTube. Also buy it on Amazon and ITunes.


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