Tiffany Didn’t ‘Pin It’


Not her mouth, but her underwear. There are no pictures for you perverts.

There was a fancam of SNSD’s Tiffany before their “Etude” performance on the 27th of June. This topic became the most searched on Daum. And it is something you would like to search.

The actions Yoona did caused some fans to cause a riot and antis too. Some people think that Tiffany wasn’t wearing underwear, or the thingy that covers your underwear. But I’ve got a snoop.

It is said that Yoona asked Tiffany “You didn’t pin it?” Tiffany then said “I didn’t pin my dress! Even if I am busy, I don’t forget to wear underwear.”

Some antis might be crazy some fans might be happy seeing Yoona do that to Tiffany. But anyhoo check out the fancam! The whole thing starts at 2:02

Credits: sookyungie @ YT


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