Seo Tai Ji releases Teaser and album


I became very fond of him last year, and now I’m starting to go crazy over his new album.

Seo Tai Ji is coming back with an eight album this July! It is said that his album was supposed to be released on June 25th, but in fact failed. It failed due to the completion of the album. Luckly, it’s July 1st and his album is here.

His new album is titled “Morning Snow”. Grr. I love that name.


Let’s talk about his new music video!

The new teaser pretty much tells people that one day everything we truly love and hope to be with us forever will be gone. Like Michael Jackson. So instead of realizing it when it’s gone, we should treasure it and love it before it disappears.

Lots of fans have gotten the album, and it’s my turn now. Check out his AWESOME TEASER.

Credits: aznpryde1919 @ YT

Check out the full song!!

Credits: magician123493 @ YT


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