Do You want to be the next Avex Star?


AVEX is seeking 13-24 year old who is willing to sing and live in Japan.The best thing is that they don’t care about Race. If you wanna be big in Asia, I suggest you audition.


After the overwhelming success of avex Star Search 2008, avex group, one of the world’s largest independent entertainment companies, once again is searching for its next great star.  avex is seeking talented, U.S-based, male and female musical artists, dancers and models of all racial backgrounds, aged 13-24, interested in becoming a performer and recording artist in Asia.

Potential applicants must first sign up online at avexstarsearch using the audition application form. All accepted applicants will be notified via e-mail about audition requirements, locations, specific requirements and times. Not all applicants will be accepted.

Selected talent will be invited to sign a contract with avex group and embark on a career as a performer in Asia. All applicants must be able to temporarily or permanently relocate to Japan.  As skill levels and age will vary among selected talent, contract terms will be set on a case by case basis.  Selected talent may also be invited –at the expense of avex– to attend the avex Artist Academy, where they will receive additional vocal, dance, acting, language and modeling training, refining their skills at one of two state-of–the-art avex facilities.

avex group will be holding auditions for avex star search in Honolulu, HI this Fall, although other cities and states with significant numbers of applicants will be considered for separate auditions.

2008’s finalists are currently in Tokyo attending avex’s Artist Academy.

For more information, official rules and to register for avex star search, please visit: avexstarsearch

Go ahead if you wanna be a huge singer in Japan! Avex will try their best to make you one.


One thought on “Do You want to be the next Avex Star?

  1. Holy shmockes!! Too bad I don’t live in Hawaii. Aww man, I wish they’d come to where I live!! Good luck to anyone that signs up!!

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