[MV] St. Day enters the KPop scene with “Balinese”


You’ve got to admit… he’s pretty… hot!

Another artist has debut with a new single. He’s debuting from a production company I’ve never heard of… Haruwana Productions. His real name is Bae Dae Young, so go to Korea and stalk him.

His first single is titled “Balinese”, which was released on the 7th of July. His single has two tracks titled “Afraid” and “Like A Boy”.

The MV for “Afraid” has already been released and features Kim Byul from one of my favorite movie: “Baby And I”.

He has sweet dance moves, I guess. The song it pretty unique… well a nice slow song to get me to smile when I’m feeling down. His voice is also nice… it makes my heart beat real fast and kinda makes me wanna cry,.

His style, I’m so digging. Check this new, which I think is very cool, out!

Credits: suhoonObesseser @ YT

Check out “Like A Boy”

Credits: 911urnobody @ YT


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