Brown Eyed Girls releases teasers + Single


How many teasers does it takes till you can tease your fans? Well it seems like Brown Eyed Girls can get all the way to five to get fans excited.

If you guys haven’t been catching up, because I’ve been planning to just squish the whole teasers together in one post, so teasers have been flying out since July 3rd. If you guys are fans, you should’ve known.

The girls will release their album on the 20th of July, which seems so far from today. Just like they did with their last album, they will release teasers with each member, which is kinda like a countdown, I guess. Check out their first teaser! It features Narsha and also one of their song titled “Oasis”


The second teaser features Ga-In. This teaser is titled L.O.V.E., which is an old song from them. Hmm, now it’s getting interesting. Unlike the last teaser, Ga-In is acting very… sexy, some might say in this teaser. Ga-In had to stay in water for 12 hours just for this teaser. Great job! It looked like something worht watching. Check the 2nd teaser out!


The leader of the group finally takes the spotlight. Jea is in this very unique teaser. The composed piece that is shown in the teaser will be in the album, so if you like it, get set to buy the album.

The cat in the music video is very special to the girls because they found it in front of their manangers door and it’s called “3rd album-ee” for good luck on their third album. “You”, one of their old song is also featured in it. Check out the 3rd teaser!


The next teaser features Miryo and Narsha. But this one is for Miryo, so don’t think Narsha got another chance to be on the teaser. This one is a remix of their 2008 hit song titled “How Come”, which was also my first song from the girls. Check out the 4th teaser!!!


Just when we kinda thought the teasers were done with, there’s one more for you guys. The song featured in it is called “My Style”. Fans are starting to think that there are two more teasers left, and I’m starting to think the same too. The’ve been using songs from their 2nd album, what about the 2 more tracks left? What will happen, we can’t wait anymore.

This teaser features Miryo, with the girls in the background. Check the 5th out!!

For you fans that are aching to know what their third album is called… it’s called “Sound G”. Also, it’s a freaking full album. Not a mini-album. I was getting sick of mini-albums. Check out the tracks.

01. Glam Girl
02. Abracadabra
03. 중독 (Addiction)
04. Candy Man
05. Moody Night
06. 이상한 일 (Strange Work)
07. 못 가 (Cannot Go)
08. 여자가 있어도 (Although (You) Have a Girl)
09. 잘할게요 (I’ll Do Well)
10. Abracadabra [Instrumental]
11. Candy Man [Instrumental]
12. 잘할게요 (I’ll Do Well) [Instrumental]

01. DJ Cloud Translates L.O.V.E – (Cloud Remix)
02. Haihm Translates SECOND – (Haihm Rebuild)
03. East4a Translates YOU – (East4a Soulsome Mix)
04. Hitchhiker Translates 어쩌다 (Home Come) – (Hitchhiker(Jinu) Dynamic Mix)
05. Saintbinary Translates HOLD THE LINE – (Saintbinary Sweet Purple Remix)
06. Junjaman Translates MY STYLE – (Junjaman Wet Dream Remix)
07. Fraktal Translates OASIS – (Fraktal Desert Is Land Mix)

I don’t think it’s time to leave yet. Brown Eyed Girls released a teaser and a single titled “Candy Man”. It’s not my type of song, but I’m trying to get used to it. The MV teaser is pretty much a compilation of the solo teasers. Enjoy the teaser!

The full song of “Candy Man” is also released, so you can start going crazy now. Check it out. It’s not something I’ll like, but hey, it’s worth listening to for some while.

Credits:Mardi09 & LunaKakashi @ YT


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