[MV] R. Tripper seems so “Far Away”


Another debut comes again. After two other artist already came out and sang their voice out, a new duo comes out to share their voice with us. How many can possibly come in one month?

Joey and W. Dop came together to form R. Tripper, and their voice aren’t that bad. Joey has acted in movies like “Baby and I” and “New Wise Mother And Good Wife”. While W. Dop is unknown to us.

The MV for this boys have been released, but the video isn’t something I’d like to watch over and over.

If you guys haven’t realized the titled song is called “Far Away”. Their voice is quite interesting and the dance moves… eh. 

Credits:  MiDeCo86 @ YT

The ending was kinda homoish. It was kinda like they’re dating. Kinda cool…

Check out their debut performance at M! Countdown.

Credits:randomkpop @ YT


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