V.O.S. Leader Has A Four Year Old Son!


How was he able to hide this fact for so long?! This is not a stupid post or a fake post. It’s true he has a four year old son… and a wife!

Park Ji Hun stated

I want to say this with confident that I have a four year old child and wife, whom I’ve loved for 17 years, living with me.

The Voice Of Soul leader revealed why he couldn’t reveal this shocking news to fans or the press on the 9th. He told the story of him with his love, Seo Myung Sun and about being a father.

Park Ji Hun met his wife in Middle school around the beginning of third year. Due to his debut of being a singer, the two had to postpone their wedding. She started living with him in October 2005 after it was learned that she was pregnant with their new baby, Bitchan. So they all pitched in and found a house in Hapjungdong, Seoul.


Park Ji Hun’s mother hoped that the media would not find about his wife and child, so she moved in with them to help take care of the child and the mother.

After he moved to a new company, he openly came out to them and told them everything and were happy for him. It is said that his old entertainment company, Star Empire weren’t happy about him having a wife and a child and was forced not to tell the media.

Because Park Ji Hun had a busy schedule, Seo was forced to be unwedded. The child has been attending a play school since June.

There was an event were parents were allowed to come to the school, but because Seo Myung Sun was not wedded, it seemed as if BitChan didn’t have a father.

Park Ji Hun hated that it was hard for him and even harder for his wife. He hopes to see her in a wedding gown this year.

I wish the child great health, also the family. What a caring family and a cute baby!


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