2PM to have new sitcom


The picture is hilarious. Wild Bunneh! LOL.

2PM will have their own sitcom and it’s titled “Wild Bunny”. The sitcom will come out on July 21st at 6:00 PM. Don’t get distracted with the mispell of the names in the preview.

To have you all spiced up about the sitcom, Chansung is supposed to have a love line with one of the  High School girls in this new sitcom. Junsu’s character might be weird, but talking to objects isn’t so weird… right? Junho is supposed to be the ‘Celebrity Wannabe’. He wants to become a celebrity real bad that he has celebrity posters all ove his room.

Taec will play a model from America, who is forced to come to Korea for business.  If you want to know who the girs are, so you can hunt them down, they appeared in Idol Army 3 with JunJin as their dad.

The producer of the show says that 2PM will show a different side. Because the regular segment is kinda unknown, it isn’t confirmed that the sitcom will be on July 21st. Anyways, check out the preview!

Credits: tansod @ YT

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