FT Island Crosses & Changes


The boys are back!! Yesh! Yesh YESH!

FT Island will make a comeback with their 3rd album. The album is titled “Cross & Change”. Yet again, we’ve got a full album instead of a mini-album. I guess Mini-albums are now the old thing and full albums are coming back.

The 12 tracks will contain ballads to songs that will get you up on your feet. They’ve been working on their vocals for this album and have also got a different style. FT Island will go back to the 80s and bring back the ‘Jeans Jeans’ style.  But, the 80s stuff are kinda getting annoying.


If you’re getting excited about their comeback, try the new teaser. The titled single is “I Hope”. I just hope the album rocks!

If you don’t know what’s going on, the younger boys are supposed to be FT Island… when they were young. The only thing we know is that SeungHyun is played by Kim Heon Jee. Check out the awesome teaser! Even if it’s just instrumental.

Credits: Melchaniya @ YT

The full MV and album will be released on the 16th, so start your countdowns. They will start their comeback promotions on SBS Inkigayo on the 19th.


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