[MV] Gary Gold Smith can be cool


New singers have been spilling all over the KPop scene, but there’s a strange name coming in.

That’s right! The new group is called ‘Gary Gold Smith’ .Gary is Yoo Geun Bae, Gold is Kim Ji Young, and Smith is Jung Seung Hyun. It is said that each member have debuted in a group, so they’re used to be in the celeb light.

Gary was in CnR in 2007. Gold was in B.U.T in 2006, while Smith was in Monster in 2007.

Their first album is titled “So Cool”. Their debut song is titled “You’re Mine”. The tracks in their first album consist of “You’re Mine” and “My Love Stalker”. Also instrumental is included.

They’re actually a pretty cute group. They would kinda fit in in Japan.

Credits: suhoonObsesser @ YT


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