Brown Eyed Girls Members Get Intimate


I think boys are getting really happy.

Brown Eyed Girls released some stills of their new song titled “Abracadabra”. And fans are wondering what the still with Ga In and Narsha in a room about to kiss is about.

The filming of the music video started on the 11th. Don’t get too happy, because they might stop before they’re even one inch close. The Korean goverment is kinda strict these days. If they kissed, there will be a big chance that the video will be banned in all of Korea. Don’t expect much.

A representative from Nega Network explained that the song is strong and has a sexy feeling to it. So we decided to add some scenes that relates to it. One of the scene have Narsha and Ga In kissing.

For all of you boys (and girls) that are very happy now, I think it’s good to know that the MV will pop up on July 20th. CHECK OUT THE HOT TEASER.

Credits: elephantsfutin @ YT

I actually wanna see if they kiss. But the MV will be banned if they did. And the teaser is actually quite sexy.


One thought on “Brown Eyed Girls Members Get Intimate

  1. Wow, I really like the song so far and it’ll be shocking and interesting if they kiss and gosh Korea is waaaay to strict!! Blah

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