Nam Gyu Ri says “See Ya Later” to SeeYa


When she got back with the group.

The ‘pain in the ass’ former member of SeeYa has returned. After the bloody war between Lee Boram and Kim Yeon Ji vs. Nam Gyu Ri, they’re all pals again. Core Contents Media said that they met up with Nam Gyu Ri and resolved the problem. They even talked about future plans with all the SeeYa members. They also said that the ‘war’ didn’t have anything to do with money.

Core Contents Media also explained that if she doesn’t participate in events and doesn’t return, they will take legal action (and sue her ass).

Due to Nam Gyu Ri leaving the group before they were about to come back, it is said SeeYa will get ready for their album on August. Nam Gyu Ri will come back to her acting career after she’s done promoting the comeback.

All I want to know is how the rest of the members feel about it.


2 thoughts on “Nam Gyu Ri says “See Ya Later” to SeeYa

  1. Psssh, it wasn’t about money? I’m not really happy about NGR coming back, but I’m happy there’s still a SeeYa and I can’t wait for their comeback!!

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