[MV] BoA is feeling “Energetic”


Even though we haven’t heard anything about BoA for like a month, she’s back with a new video.

You all should know that she will be dancing, so don’t think she won’t. Even though “Energetic” is my favorite song from her U.S. album, the video does nothing to me. Her make up is pretty nice, but her outfit is pretty plain.

BoA got really happy and even shared to her fans on her official Twitter about the release of her MV. Entertainment Weekly actually did that first.

Also, BoA is planning a repackage album (don’t think that’ll do anything for me). It might release on September. There are plans for Flo Rida to do a collab in the album. I think I should stop writing. Check out the MV!

Credits: NotSoBoyCrazy @ YT

Holy crackamoly! She has an IPhone. Oh, if you have On Demand on like ComCast, you should be able to see it pretty soon. “Eat You Up” and “I Did It For Love” was or still on there. Also SE7EN’s “Them Girls”


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