T-Ara tries to tease


Oh my cheese, I thought these girls were supposed to have a cute image. K-Pop goes sexy these days.

T-ara (Tiara) will releae their digital single on the 27th, which I’m not paying much attention to. They will also have a comeback stage on the 30th of July. They will releaese two videos for “Lies” and “Wanna Play”. I’m not really gonna explain much, because I hate when they tease us for so long and they don’t give us what we want. Check the teasers out anyways.

Lies Teaser

Wanna Play Teaser

Credits: yuriyuri1111


2 thoughts on “T-Ara tries to tease

  1. I disagree with Namida, cute image gets on my nerves.

    Gee was good and you can see alot of artists these days are going for the tough, playful, feminine or sexy image and it suits them all really.

    Two groups who used to do the cute image alot last year, SNSD and KARA are moving off it. Look at SNSD’s song, Tell Me Your Wish which I personally don’t like.
    KARA are moving on with Wanna too and I like that better than Pretty Girl, Honey or Rock U.

    T-ara’s concept and style right now is good and I like it.

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