HyunA loves the King Of Pop



I was gonna announce that 4Minute will have a performance for the late King Of Pop ‘Michael Jackson’, but I stopped myself cause there were more important news. We all thought they would perform something different from what others have done, but it was just worse. After one month of one of the best entertainer that ever lived died, Hyuna decides to step in and dance to “Billie Jean”. But the performance wasa waste of time. It was just 15 seconds long and she didn’t even do it right, well like the King himself. It seemed like the announcement was just to get people hyped for 4Minute, but it just kinda made me mad. “Billie Jean” started and then 15 seconds later “Hot Issue” started playing. Well for all you fans, check it out!

Credits: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ YT

All I was hoping was for a longer tribute.

One thought on “HyunA loves the King Of Pop

  1. 15 secs? Seriously? Plus they suck at singing live. I wish they did Hot Issue for 15 seconds. At least HyunAh didn’t sing.

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