2PM Junsu and Waii Breaks Up


That was a quick one.

We all know the lie Waii told the Thai Media. She was going out with 2PM Junsu. Well, since Waii stated pissing in her pants after Fangirls seemed to try to crush her, Waii told Thai media, again, that she broke up with Junsu.

To make fangirls happier, she announced that she deleted his phone number, blocked his emails, and even forgot about him. She says that the public is pretty much to blame for their nice relationship, but it is nice for their career and image.

Waii needs to stop lying. I’ve already blocked her out of my memory.


11 thoughts on “2PM Junsu and Waii Breaks Up

  1. Aww I used to love Waii so much, but over the past few years she’s becoming ignorant. Because of that she got more antis and she wanted to probabaly gain her fame from Junsu and now she double the antis. Nice job Waii.

  2. Why would she do it in the first place?

    If it’s too get noticed, it was short noticed. And she will be known as ‘Liar and Anti-Hunter’s #1.’ Especially since she was doing it to my favourite 2PM member.

  3. She got haters. And haters make people famous. Lmao.
    I aint a hater. Idk who Junsu person is but now i do & Idgaf.

    And why 2pm? Why not 1pm? or 3pm? Why 2? Who made the name of this band. Im not on no one side. =] not a hater just curious.

    I got bitches bragging to me about this. So i wanted to see whats the story and finding out what the media influence the public to believe about their relationship.

    Im gonna try and get 2pm songs on my ipod & Waii’s so its fair i guess. To comment on what they look like is not my cup of tea.

    Media = Propaganda

  4. umm… To be honest, Wai wasn’t lying when she said she was dating 2PM’s Junsu… If JYPE came out and said “it’s true that the two were dating but broke up” what would that be like for Junsu? of course the company’s going to deny it… it’s common sense…

    i love that kid but seriously, people bashing wai because of this is just -_- crazy

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