Kwon Sang Woo enters the American world


After Watching “A Story Sadder Than Sadness (More Than Blue)” last week, I’ve become very amazed and proud of Kwon Sang Woo.

It was announced that Kwon Sang Woo was entering the U.S. after the rumors of his divorce with Son Tae Young was cleared, the movie he’s acting in is now revealed!

Kwon Sang Woo is acting alongside with Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz in the classic “The Green Hornet”. The movie is about an editor for a newspaper company who turns into “The Green Hornet” as a masked crime fighter. Kwon Sang Woo will play the driver of the Green Hornet.

No one is sure how big Kwon Sang Woo’s role will be, but he’s still having his American debut. The movie will start shooting in September and will premiere in theaters in June 25, 2010.

Everybody, hope that his part is big!


2 thoughts on “Kwon Sang Woo enters the American world

  1. Whaat? Just a driver. I hope they show him a lot though. Hey he might be a sidekick or something. Anyways can’t wait. Oooh and big stars are also acting it! Great choice Kwon Sang Woo!!

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