Yamaguchi Proposes to SooYoung

Copy (2) of yamaguchi_SooYoung_KJP

I’m sorry, but I’m kinda freaked out now.

We all know that Japanese people are pretty cool but this guy is pretty weird. Yamaguchi has always wanted to marry a Korean woman like Kim Jung Min, who married a Japanese woman. He appeared on Star King.

He said slowly, in Korean “Korean Woman really pretty. I ate Wasabi and practiced my vocal.” Shall I say awkward. For this nice performance he did a Kim Jung Min version of SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish”. After he was done performing, he walked to the panel (where SNSD members were sitting), brought out a diamond ring, knelt on the ground, and proposed to SooYoung. To awkward.

Copy (4) of yamaguchi_SooYoung_KJP

Obviously, SooYoung gave him a no no to his proposal. She did say something sweet…

This is a special ring you brought from Japan, so please find that special girl and place the ring on her finger.

Always trying to be nice.

But, Yamaguchi had someone else in mind, he then proposed to NichKhun, which caused laughter all around.

You gotta know the person before you propose.


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