Atsuko Maeda gets anti-fans because of DBSK’s Yunho?


I guess it’s not a good thing to confess your feelings to any DBSK/Tohoshinki members.

Eighteen-year-old member of AKB48 Atsuko Maeda recently confessed her feelings toward the huge star, and things went awfully wrong.

She stated “Yunho is a tall, thoughtful man. When I heard about the first trading card to commemorate Tohoshinki was released I immediately went out to get it. I really do like him.”

Wrong move!

Some rumors are spreading around that Japanese girls didn’t like her comment and they went out to buy her merchandise. Instead of using her merchandise, they ripped it, destroyed CDs, and even posters.

This is going harsh. I have to say, DBSK fan girls are the worse fan girls I’ve ever seen. Some fan girls are cool, and delightful, but fan girls that love their idols too much to even stalk them is crazy. That’s one reason I’m not a DBSK fanatic.


3 thoughts on “Atsuko Maeda gets anti-fans because of DBSK’s Yunho?

  1. Ouch!! This is also another reason why DBSK also has a lot of fans. Sheesh they need to cool down. She has more chances of being with Yunho than any of those fan girls. Poor girl

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