KARA’s Nicole Slims down… too much


Netizens have realized that KARA’s Nicole have slimed down quite a lot in just two weeks. After these pictures were taking, fans have started to become worried about her.

Fans posted on blogs, websites, forums, etc “You’re pretty the way you are“, “I hope you don’t become anorexic” or “You look pretty anyhow“. But news has come out from KARA’s company statingĀ  “The whole group had to go on a diet for their album and lost 3-4 KG each. The members are happy with the way they look now.”

She doesn’t look so healthy to me, but if she likes it, I guess it’s her choice.


One thought on “KARA’s Nicole Slims down… too much

  1. Woah!! That is soo messed up!! She looks soo skinny now!! It looks like her head will snap off any minute. Sheesh!

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