SeungRi gets too intimate


If you all didn’t know there was a scene that wasn’t shown in SeungRi’s “Strong Baby” MV. And why was that? Because it was too intimate.

Our little Big Bang member is growing up so he decides to kiss a random girl. It’s okay if fangirls wanna scream or call her a bitch. That’s what we do. You guys can try ruining her life, find every information on her, then it’ll just lead to her crying and wishing she never shoot this. Yep, that’s what fangirls do.

But if you guys are wondering what this is all about, it’s just some few scenes that weren’t shown.

I wonder if there’ll be an anti fan group of her sometime soon.

Check the unseen things now!

Credits: Babyb0ngaholic @ YT


2 thoughts on “SeungRi gets too intimate

  1. Okay.. Were all those scenes neccesary? Eeesh it’s like they were sucking each other’s face off. I like the song, but the video… too much.

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