DBSK Fights With SM Entertainment


News have been traveling everywhere that DBSK might break up because of a cosmetic line?

Some Cassopeias have gone sleepless wondering what this is about. I have no clue too.

YooChun and Junsu have been looking for lawyers during their vacation, so don’t think that this happened just yesterday. Right now, on SM’s official website all DBSK schedules have been pulled down even their appearance on SM Town Concert. Uh oh!

Junsu’s dad was set to sue SM’s bawls and throw it on the floor. Sadly, SM Entertainment found out about, kept their bawls, and got set to fight.

The members aren’t screaming at each other, but at SM Entertainment. Yunho and Changmin aren’t suing SM yet, or at all for now. But the rest of the members are suing the company.


If you didn’t know, SM takes about 70%-80% of what DBSK makes. Leaving the rest to them. Most people are hoping the members would win, because SM would look like a fool for making a ‘Slave Contract’. But damn! Only 10%-20%.

SM pretty much hates JaeJoong, YooChun, and Junsu because they started a cosmetic brand without talking about it first with them. Such jackasses.

Junsu was called names or just bullied by upper class people in SM because of the secret lawsuit against SM and his dad.


It is also said that all members of DBSK wanted to leave SM Entertainment for a very long time but couldn’t because of their contract, which allows SM to piss on them for 13 years. Yunho and Changmin want to join and doesn’t want to betray the rest of the members.

The members don’t want to get removed from SM but want changes for how they’re treated. Sooner or later, someone will win.


16 thoughts on “DBSK Fights With SM Entertainment

  1. not quite sure what happened yet this is really freaking sad. though DBSK is my love, i wouldnt want to take a stand YET. i will still support them though; it’s really brave of them to stand up for their own rights.

  2. I knew someday this’ll happen. And now this is also proof that SM treats their idols like pets.

    I was always wondering where DBSK were since these past months and they were trying to fight for their own rights! I hope they win!!

  3. It would be really really sad if DBSK were to really break up, thats why we have to keep our faith up. I heard of some people replacing some of the members, and if so, DBSK would NEVERRR be the samee!!


  4. ahh..I hate when people treat them like that. DBSK make money for them, how could SM treat them like pets. They are human being..I don’t know what happen, but i heard SM entertainment so cruel to their artist. If the company act like that, everyone will pray/wish that company will bankcrupt soon. If DBSK have opportunity, jump to another company. Heo Young Saeng (SS501) so smart, he quit so early from SM Ent. You’re lucky. DBSK hwaiting!!

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  6. **ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH** please~~ wanna see them only as DBSK, TVXQ & TOHOSHINKI…… don’t break the fans’ hopes! ~_~

  7. …wat in the world??
    arent they suppose to b treated like kings??
    hello?! best boy band in the world??
    wtf?!?! … sigh… the world is changing…

  8. …wat in the world??
    arent they suppose to b treated like kings??
    they sud leave and join CUBE or YG …
    hello?! best boy band in the world??
    wtf?!?! … sigh… the world is changing…

  9. people chill okay i have read an article saying that sm want them back by november 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that sm is not willing to disband them or ending their contracts, insted they are giving them a break to do solo activities. sm knows that DBSK is the famouse boyband group in asia, so dont make up rumors and say that jaejoong and the others are being hatred by the company, because if that was true sm want even bother, they would’ve cancelled their contracts, end of stroy!!!!! insted they gave them time and a break , however they demanded that they want them back by the end of this year XDDDD!!!!! and jae,micky, xiah are not that much stupid, if they didnt come back they are going to jail cuz they have a 13 contract with sm!!!! and they really didnt want to leave the company they just wanted sm to treat them better!!!!! besides yunho annouced thaT HE WONT ALLOW DBSK TO BE DISBANDED!!! SO GUYS WILL U JUST HAVE FAIITH IN THEM THAT THEY WILLL RETURNXDDDDD

  10. yea and one more thing sm added in this article that as long as they carry the name of DBSK they have to get back to the agency and work with us, that clearly proves that sm cant let go of DBSK because they clearly knows the consequencess that will occure if they announced that they are disbanded!!!!!! fan attacks and no one will support their artist!!!!!!!!!! so plzzzzz have faith in them ===)))))))

  11. It’s seems that SM is ripping everyone off that works for them, I think they even ripped off Super Junior too (I don’t remember though). Hopefully DBSK wins and get treated fairly. I can’t believe that SM takes 70%-80% of what they DBSK makes and DBSK only gets 10%-20%, that is a rip-off!!

  12. WHat the heck!!! DBSK is the biggest boyband and clearly the best boy band ever! How can SM be that idiotic!? This is the saddest thing ever! My sister told me that BREAKOUT was their final album. I’m going to trust u E-girl. I’m only 12 and I know that they r the biggest boyband in all of Asia! They are that good! America might be new to all of this but we arent we are true asians or DBSK lover! no one will be discounted into boycotting or what ever to SM. UUURGGGHHHH! SM seemed innocent until the day they over read the contract. I mean, 13 years or 15 year? Heck thats a stinkin long time! NO matter what I will always be a DBSK crazy manic.
    I love u DBSK! Fight 4ever

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