DBSK might not remain together afterall


We all know the shocking news that is traveling all over news portals right now. Ever since the news revealed yesterday, fans have gone sleepless thinking about what will happen next, and it’s pretty hard to figure it out.

SM Entertainment recently stated that they will try their hardest to keep the group together, but to many the group is just split into two.


This big problem has caused Lee Soo Man, owner of SM Entertainment, to come back to Korea from the U.S. headquarters. Soo Man wants to try his hardest to resolve the conflict, but who knows how worse it’ll get? The only thing that are going around are just pure rumors. No one is sure.

The Chinese cosmetic brand JaeJoong, YooChun, and Junsu is called “CreBeau”. They wanted to keep the lawsuit a secret, but was sadly all over the news.

A expert in the music industry says that if this type of issue keeps on going there is a big chance that the group will break up. Also that the fight between SM and DBSK can’t surely put them back together in no time. There is a big possibility that this group is already over.


11 thoughts on “DBSK might not remain together afterall

  1. comooooooooooooon they need to stop exaggerating this..first the 3 group members have already said that they have no wish to split from dbsk and they also have no wish to leave sm after all these years..the whol case was opened so that sm would revise its contract with the boys and increase their share..the boys themselves seem ok and they are all continuing with their projects…they have even said on their UFO replays that they won’t split up

  2. hope that it’s just a rumor… y dont 5 of them get out from sm… make their own way…sm is terrible…
    they have given a lot of money for this company, but….sm is too stupid n selfish… so sad, hope da best for them…

    dear SM: don’t make our beloved DBSK as a toy!!!


    You still have your fans here and will really miss all your songs and the way you had singed it to us!

    • Hey Izzy,
      JYJ is made up of Jae,Micky n Xiah actually.
      Oh Dong Bang boys, I beg u to come back.plz!
      I love u so much DBSK.

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