SM Entertainment “DBSK are lying”


When will this end?

Life gets worse for Cassies as the battle between YooChun, Junsu, and Jaejoong keeps going on. SM stated that DBSK are lying and they have received 11 billion won ($9,000,000) since their debut. Even through the budget problems and losses on the company, they still payed them. It is said that the boys are payed very good ($1,800,000) each. They’ve also recieved gifts from SM Entertainment such as TV’s, Cars, money, etc. SM can lie once more by saying that they will try their hardest to resolve the issue that is going on.

It is said that SM fell 10% of stock since the battle have been going on. Check out this news from Forbes.

Fans, and me, are hoping that this issue is resolved as soon as possible. Because I’m getting tired of writing about DBSK everyday. *sigh*

One thought on “SM Entertainment “DBSK are lying”

  1. I don’t know who to believe anymore. I just want DBSK to stay together and for SM to give them fair treatment.

    But it’s most likely that SM might be lieing, ever since the rumors of SM and all those harsh things they do to their idols and stuff.

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