“Ten” Ways To Be A Bi Duo


Doesn’t that picture give you a clue? From 2NE1, to 4 Minute, to Ten. Are they touching each other?

These days there’s hardly male groups or solo singers anymore and here comes another group. Another day, another duo. The duo’s name is “Ten”. Yeah, what’s so special about them? These special ladies are believed to be lesbians. There’s really no answers for this, but take a look at these…

Hmmm… I really don’t see how they could look like lesbians, but I can’t wait till they debut. I hope they don’t confuse them or try to be like the duo German group, TaTu.


5 thoughts on ““Ten” Ways To Be A Bi Duo

  1. Are they bi? Or Lesbos? Not saying that it’s wrong or anything. I’m cool with that. I loved TATU… I bet I’d love them.

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