Bada is “Mad”


Former member of S.E.S. is back! and she’s getting better.

Bada will hit the charts with her new song titled “Mad” featuring Untouchable. Bada is also collaborating with 2PM’s Taecyeon for the track “Yes, I’m In Love”.

I really would love to see “Yes, I’m In Love” hit the charts instead of “Mad”. I like that one better. Check out the tracklist, anyway.

01. Intro
02. Yes I’m In Love(Feat.2PM 택연)
03. MAD (Feat. 언터쳐블)
04. 오후의 산책
05. Dilemma
06. Dance Mission
07. 여자는 울고
08. Honey Honey
09. Generation Next
10. 웃어라, 캔디야
11. Reach Out
12. MAD (Feat. 언터쳐블) Special Rap Ver
13. 나요…(with 유진) – Bonus Track for CD Only

If you’re aching for more, check out the teaser!… even though the first one is kinda disturbing. But it’s pretty unique. Grabs me in so much.

Credits: badaholic @ YT


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