Did Manabu Oshio kill a woman?


If you’re a Manabu Oshio fan, you should all know the things going on with him and a woman. We released a news earlier today, that Manabu Oshio was arrested for drugs and then it was found later that he was linked to a woman’s death.

Oshio told police that the woman found dead was an acquaintance, but she was, in fact, a popular hostess in a club at Ginza. It is said that Oshio met her one or two years ago. Also, the manager of the club claims that he knows nothing about Oshio or the woman.

Oshio says that they walked inside the apartment together, but the woman went to the bedroom because she wasn’t feeling well, and later became very stiff. That’s when Oshio called his manager and left the apartment.

It is also said that the owner of the apartment the woman lived in was being rented by the owner of a lingerie company. Oshio says that she said he could use the apartment when ever he wants and have been using it under her own name not the company.

Also, police checked Oshio’s apartment and didn’t find any other illegal drugs, but are still keeping Oshio under investigation.


One thought on “Did Manabu Oshio kill a woman?

  1. He seems kind of innocent. But I’m wondering why the woman didn’t feel well. Hope they get to the bottom of this.

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