Hey! E.Via’s Back!


Okay, I can’t lie, I love this girl. Even though I kinda started liking her after Oppa, Can I Do It? was banned. That song is great, and “Hey” is even better.

E.via will release a new single album titled “Motiphie meets E.Via”.

She’s a very cute person, and can rap so cute. I’m even surprised that she’s a rapper. Too cute to be a rapper. Everyone should really support her. She’s so cool… and unlike most singers in the Korean entertainment world. Well, she’s unlike every singer in the entertainment world. I enjoy her music, and you should too.

Anyways, check out this teaser.

Credits: Mardi09 @ YT

Anyways check out the full song, because this song is too good to not be heard fully.

Credits: Skaatche @ YT


3 thoughts on “Hey! E.Via’s Back!

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  2. I heard she was just a teen… I want to know more about her… I love her song ‘Oppa, can I do it?’ she is very talented!

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