Is SM Entertainment another way to enter Hell?


Maybe it’s a good thing to read this article before entering auditions, such as the Weekly ones.

No one knows what goes on behind doors, but some of us can try to find out. We all wanna know if the Entertainment world is a glamorous to live in. But it isn’t so glamorous. You get the fame and money (or maybe not), and you get fans that give you gifts, and people think you can get whatever you want. Wrong or right?

DBSK have been standing up for themselves and told the media what SM is a bitch palace, and can ruin your life.


But DBSK aren’t the only celebrities in the world that is treated like shit in SM. It is also revealed that artists such as SNSD, SHINee, and Super Junior all have contracts that are five to thirteen years. It’s not only DBSK that have such a long ass contract with them, because they’re so good. Some members get richer, some members don’t get money, some members just forget about the group. Because each artist have their own contract, members go solo, right?… which of course brings  more money.

Most artist are aching to join DBSK, but why would you want to waste all the money on fighting SM, right? Thanks to DBSK, it is now true that many of these artist don’t even make much money.


But how can these (above) live? They all have to share the money between 13 members. Well, not only with the members but with the company itself too. Super Junior isn’t so lucky, as most fans think they are. If they could do what they want, they would be living SM by now. While SM screams “Sorry, Sorry” while SuJu walks away. So far, we don’t think this’ll ever happen. They can’t do anything outrageous, because they have contracts, remember. If they complain about how they’re treated, they’ll end up with nothing.


Don’t even get me started with this girls. All artists in this world need the company to produce and help them get money, without SM, the groups, artists, actors, etc. wouldn’t be where they are.

DBSK has opened everyone’s eyes to the fact that not all artists are treated like Kings or Queen. Especially SM.

I’ve known how harsh Entertainment businesses can treat their artist, but fans just don’t want to think or discuss it. Help your most beloved artist, because they might be doing what they don’t want in life. I wonder what SM does with the girl artist? Hmm…


36 thoughts on “Is SM Entertainment another way to enter Hell?

  1. Oh my gosh! This is soo sad. It’s like spending your entire life hostage! Sheesh, no wonder I’d always look at videos of the artistes with LSM and see them acting to smile. They must hate him to death. This is exactly why I don’t want to audition for SM.

    Sheesh! They’re human beings! And it’s so sad since SM makes groups with like 5 -20 members. He just wants all the money to himself! Well he’s gonna die a pitiful shriveled old man! Gosh!

    I wonder what he does with solo artists? They must make more money than the groups and the first person that pops in my mind is… BoA…

  2. My brother’s best friend actually got in SM from the global auditions and left after a year. He couldn’t stand at how they were treating him.

  3. wat the hell
    whoever wrote this is a stupid bitch
    if sm was that bad there wouldve been investigatiosn done arleady
    ppl can LIE
    has that not occured to ne1????
    and these pplz r followin their dreams
    they sacrifice wat they will to follow their dreams
    no one realizes sm is helpin them achieve tat
    not only tat but sm pays for their education beforehand…their trainee years
    tat costs a lot 2
    its not like theyre eatin the bills

    • And who the hell are you to call someone a bitch if you don’t even know them?

      Even if they do all those ‘nice’ stuff for you, it doesn’t mean that they should treat them like slaves. They all sacrificed a lot… but spending the next 13 years like a slave is something that you wouldn’t want to sacrifice just to be a singer. So you’re pretty much saying that DBSK are liars?

      Besides, Most SM artist don’t match tastes like others. The only artist that really cares and did their hardest not to look bad and care for their fans was DBSK. Every other artist in SM are very annoying. Even SNSD, BoA, etc.

      They don’t even care much for artist like CSJH The Grace. I haven’t heard news about them for a very long time.

      Before you think people are lying, check your sources FIRST!

  4. u wrote the article?
    cuz honestly
    all u would have behind u is a groups word
    and if theyre pressin a lawsuit theyd be hiring lawyers
    which mean big bucks
    of course theyre gonna want to make their case seem strong
    they wont be like we’re sueing
    but sm’s giving us everything we want
    every1 gets greedy in the end
    and honestly dbsk is horrible
    they have one decent singer
    and 2 decent dancers
    if u get passed the whole obsessed thing
    ud c
    like honestly relaly?
    theyre good at singing
    most of their songs r crap
    sm does release for looks, tats true
    but tatd just mean dbsks also tat

  5. oh
    nd one more thing
    There are other entertainment companies, like JYP and YG…and if SM really do that, they are too stupid to even stay at the company…and if they really just get 2 cents from their albums, how come Heechul have the money to buy his parents a car and Hankyung to help his mom for a Dumpling Restaurant…and Yoochun helped his mom for an ice cream parlor here in US and they even have their own bank accounts…and why did LSM gave Junsu and Ipod when he asked for it

  6. and also
    u hve no right to call ne artist annoyin
    u would be nothin next to them
    theyve gone through years of trainin
    and ur a selfish loesr searchin for every small rumour and blasting it to the world
    when it hasnt happened to u first hand

  7. To everyone (ineloquently) saying that the DBSK members are lying:

    Unlike in many countries, in Korea, there are only a few major entertainment companies. With all the money SME has, they can buy out anyone threatening to badmouth them, as with JE in Japan. It’s not a simple matter of investigation. Furthermore, Korean society is, as a whole, much less litigious than countries like the U.S.: the fact that DBSK has even brought a lawsuit is a bigger deal than I think most of us realize.

    The DBSK boys have been forced into rehearsals and performances with the flu. They’ve been sent to the hospital when they collapse after rehearsing. Those are things we knew even before the issue of the lawsuit came up. We also already knew that they get only about one week off per year, working the rest of the year on very few hours’ sleep. The three pressing the lawsuit have finally come forward about the physical and mental exhaustion they’ve been driven to, and given that they’re even willing to risk coming out against SME says a lot about the extent of their mistreatment.

    So before you dismiss them as liars just looking for more than they deserve, please learn a little more about their situation. I know we’d love to think that no company would act the way SME has, but DBSK aren’t the only ones. A company that truly respects its artists doesn’t drive them to the point of physical and mental breakdown.

    One final point is that, while the three members have brought up inadequate financial compensation as one of their issues with the company (it is a matter of public record now that DBSK would not receive a single won from album sales if the album did not sell at least 500,000 copies until that clause was recently modified), it is not their main complaint. They have focused mainly on their health and their unmanageable schedules, as well as their being pushing into other entertainment fields, such as acting, which are not in their contract.

    I wish DBSK all the best in this.

  8. tat is alme
    r u personally one of their members?
    then u have no way of noing
    ne1 can claim tat
    pplz work themselves to exhausting in AMERCIA trying to produce alblum sales
    every1 has to work hard if they want to be in the entertainemnt industry

  9. First of all, it’s hard to take seriously someone who can’t even take the time to spell out “anyone.”

    Second of all, no, I am not one of their members. However, many of the things I have mentioned ARE in the public record, which means that they have been confirmed by SME or the hospitals they’ve stayed in. SME has confirmed itself that the members of DBSK were not to make one won unless they sold over 500,000 copies. It was written clearly into their contract, and was modified only recently.

    Of course everyone in the industry works hard. There’s a line, though, between hard and inhumane. Four hours of sleep nightly for over five years is more than hard work. That would be illegal in the States, so I’m not sure why you’re comparing this situation to the American entertainment industry. Yes, American artists work hard, but they’re also granted much more freedom in their schedules. Yes, DBSK and other artists owe a lot to SME for where they are today. That doesn’t mean their company should own their souls.

    DBSK isn’t pushing for money they simply feel they SHOULD be paid; the issue is what seems to be a breach of contract on SME’s part.

    I advise that you actually read the official statements from the boys’ representing lawyer before you make judgment calls like that. Just as you say the boys can make up whatever they want, so can SME. Not only do they have more motive to do so, not less, but they also have exponentially more money and power to cover their asses. Ever wonder what happens to those scandal flare-ups that suddenly disappear? Thank SME and their money.

  10. i dont want to spell “anyone” correctly becuz i dont feel i need to spend the time
    itd just be funner if sm dropped half of the dbsk members tat started this lawsuit and kept the other
    so tat dbsk would never form again
    tatd be fun

  11. This isn’t even worth arguing, then. It seems you’re only supporting SME because you don’t like DBSK. I’ll never understand anti-fandom. What a waste of energy.

    It’s not as though DBSK are the only ones affected by SME’s inhumane treatment of its artists. It shouldn’t matter how much you dislike someone; health isn’t something SME should be risking with anyone signed on their label. I’m no Rain fan, but I wouldn’t wish failure on him because I find him untalented. I just choose not to listen to his music. =/

  12. im not
    i think its fun
    id like 2 c how the fans would act
    and how sm would act back
    and if theyre just gonna start looking for talented artists
    dbsk not tat talented
    i think yg produces all the talented pplz

  13. That’s exactly what an anti-fan is: you’re wasting time whining about a group you don’t know a thing about, instead of just listening to the artists you do like.

    I’m no fantard, but anyone can see the impact DBSK has made on the Korean music industry as a whole. They starting singing lives when most artists only lip-synced. They’ve had more success in Japan than any other foreign artist to date, and by a landslide at that. They’ve set a precedent not only for SME performers, but for the whole industry.

    Are DBSK perfect? Of course not. A decent amount of their songs just plain suck (no thanks to producing a new single every month: hardly enough time to produce a decent song). But I’ve never seen a group work that dynamically together. It’s what drew me to them in the first place. Individually they may not be all that special, but their unique harmony is something no entertainment label can manufacture.

    (And what’s with the label loyalty? Plenty of labels produce talent. Personally, I don’t even listen to other SME artists. They focus far too much on looks and on cranking out factory-issue artists. I really find DBSK to be a fluke of theirs.)

  14. Poor DBSK :[
    And the person with the 🙂 as the name thingy is really retarded. You can’t even spell right and you say its a waste of time then why are you here complaining?
    Fun? Breaking DBSK apart is fun?
    Wow I don’t see how you can get the fun out of that.
    You need help. And a life.

  15. i think what Kim says makes a lot more sense than the stupid ‘:)’ person. Btw, I read the whole conversation and I think Kim’s argument totally owns although you wasted time arguing against a person who just speaks gibberish. Thanks for that though, you made we understand DBSK’s situation a little better 🙂 and SM is really horrible, there won’t be so must smoke without a fire, thats what I believe. If so many ppl think so, there must be some basis for saying SM sucks even thought the artists themselves have trouble voicing that out, I’m glad this is slowly getting to be known to the public.

    And obviously korean artists get it a lot worse than american ones, just look at the amt of variety shows/behind the scenes etc dramas they have to be involved in…..

  16. Why do people leave SM when they wanted to join it in the first place. Obviously training is going to be hard.. Being in a group is hard. That’s what show bitz is about. If they don’t make money by being in a group, they can always shoot CFs and be on variety shows. SM is an entertainment company, they only care about their business. They are just doing what they want to make money, same goes with their artists. Their artists already know that they are signing a 13 year contract, if they don’t like it then why did they bother signing it in the first place..

  17. Oh my god!
    I’m feel so sad for them
    How can I send my auditions video?
    Send to what web side?
    Send to where?
    Is the auditions video,we just doing introductions and singing?
    Please inform me here or the best way is inbox me the answer in Facebook
    Thank you very much(^_^)

  18. Ok people this article is a LIE. They dont do ANYTHING with the girls and DBSK are just whining from the stress. In other words: LAZY. Snsd has never been sexually mistreated and SM entertainment isnt a living hell. I would know. This article is just trying to drag down SM entertainment. Then who r u gonna thank when Suju or SHinee or Snsd isnt around, Hmm? And when they sign the contract they are aloud to quit! You people r outrageous this isnt true

  19. Has anyone ever heard of “human rights”?

    Why is their so much rumours surrounding SM shall we ask? Maybe because they are the biggest entertainment industry in Asia might we say. Its obvious people are going to qant to bring it down but people are going way out of line here.

    Just look at SNSD. They look like happy healthy girls who love their job and I dont believe Lee Soo Man is a bad person at all

  20. I can see where all of you are coming from, and it’s alright to have our own opinions. I personally believe SME is too harsh. Seehee and HwanHee I think the reason why SME doesn’t mistreat SNSD is because SNSD’s Sunny is actually Lee Sooman’s niece. People say that Lee Sooman favours. I don’t agree with that claim, but I don’t disagree with it either.

    Plus, DBSK is not lazy. They did all they could do to please us. Imagine only getting a few hours of sleep everyday. Sometimes they couldn’t even sleep for 24hours because of their schedule. Sure, the entertainment industry is hard, but I think SME crossed the line.

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