Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo are dating… is it true??


Is a new couple unraveling? I’m not sure.

We all should know the sexy Lee Dong Wook from ‘My Girl’. The 27 year old is reported to be dating Kim Hyun Joo, 31. They met in the drama “Partner“.

But wait a minute… how did this all start? It is said that once they arrived late for filming at the same time, and it seemed to have happened more than once.


People also thought they were dating when Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo both disappeared at the same time after filming. Awkward, I shall say.

Both their company denied the rumors saying that they’ve become very close, but aren’t together.

Not enough proof? When they were both asked about their relationship off-screen, they smiled at each other and ended up laughing. Lee Dong Wook says that he loves Kim Hyun Joo’s personality, because she’s fun. Hmm… fun at what?

They’re not dating… just yet. They look like a magnificent couple, don’t they? I would like to see them together, though.


9 thoughts on “Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo are dating… is it true??

  1. My fangirl mode would go off, but I just hope that they have a descent relationship if they really are going out. Oh well, I wish the best for both!!

  2. Oh, if we saw the pics of them both of screen, we would amazed how much LDW was smitten with KHJ. He just SOOO into her.

    You can see at jazzholic dot com.

  3. I hope wookie and Lee da hae will make another film together when he gets back from military service.

    LDH and LDW looks cute together compare to KHJ, she likes her older sister. Peace out!

  4. shut up gys. they look great together. and lee dae hee pls she is dating other. stop it dam it. my girl is in past partner exest know haha. so shut a f… up

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