Manabu Oshio arrested for Drug Use


Avex recently announced that they let go of Manabu Oshio, but it seemed that Manabu didn’t care, because he had something worse coming on the same day. Oshio was arrested for illegal drug use and is under investigation for link to a death of a woman. Now this is getting interesting.

On a Sunday night at 9:30 PM, a man called the police and reported that he found a dead body. It was a woman that seemed to be in her 30s and was found naked in her room for 10 hours to be exact. She has no wounds. Police are currently investigating the cause of her death.

It is said that Oshio was once with the woman. He had called his manager and said to him that something didn’t feel right and left after that. Cameras show that they both entered the building separately.

When police called Oshio for questioning, they had realized that he was pale and was shaking quite a lot. They gave him a urine test, due to drug suspicion, and found out that it was positive for MDMA (AKA Ecstasy). Oshio claims that he had borrowed it from a friend, not realizing that it was an illegal drug.

Police are currently looking for clues for Oshio’s drug use and the cause of the woman’s death.

Oshio started acting in 1998.

The only thing I know about him is that he acted in Double Score with Takashi Sorimachi.

Oshio is also known for marrying Yada in 2006. She gave birth to a son in 2007, but it was later revaled that due to this incident Oshio and Yada have been living seperately. Yada returned to acting this year, and now has a huge reason to divorce him.


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