MNET’s 20s Choice Award ’09 is coming!


As fall is coming, lots of singers will be appearing. MNet’s 20s Choice Awards is slowly coming, meaning more entertainment. On August 28th, get set for the best to appear.

This award is pretty much to prove who has more fans in different categories. Though, I don’t think I can update much cause school starts.

Anyways, if you wanna vote, check this out! Also, the nominees for this years awards.

Hot Male Drama Star
Kim Kim Bum – Boys Over Flowers
Kim Hyun Joong – Boys Over Flowers
Yoon Sang Hyun – Queen of Housewives
Lee Min Ho – Boys Over Flowers
Lee Seung Ki – Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy

Hot Female Drama Star
Go Hyun Jung – Queen Seonduk
Goo Hye Sun – Boys Over Flowers
Kim Nam Joo – Queen of Housewives
Jang Seo Hee – Temptations of Wives
Han Hyo Joo – Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy

Hot Male Movie Star
Kang Jihwan – My Girlfriend is an Agent
Kim Yoon Suk – Turtle Runs
Wonbin – Mother
Jo In Sung – Frozen Flower
Ha Jung Woo – Country Representative

Hot Female Movie Star
Park Bo Young – Speedy Scandal
Kim Ock Bin – Thirst
Kim Ha Neul – My Girlfriend is an Agent
Uhm Jung Hwa – Insadong Scandal
Ha Ji Won – Hawoondae

Hot CF Star
Kwak Min Seok – Minsuk Look
Kim Yuna – Ssing Ssing Ssing (Zoom Zoom Zoom)
Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop
Lee Min Ho – Donut
Gal Mae Gi – Expert

Hot New Star
Kim So Eun
Wan Suk Hyun
Lee Min Ho
Jang Ki Ha & Faces

Hot Variety Star
Kim Tae Won
Nicole from Kara
Sunwoo Yongnyuh
Lee Ha Neul

Hot Character
Shin Aeri – Kim Suh Young
Dressing Room’s Teacher Kang – Kang Yoomi, Anh Youngmi, Jung Kyungmi, Kim Kyungah
Taebong– Yoon Sang Hyun
Sup Sup (Sad) Brothers – Eun Ji Won & MC Mong
Goo Joon Pyo – Lee Min Ho

Hot Multi-Tainer
Kim Hyun Joong 
Lee Seung Ki 
Lee Hyori

Hot Sports Star
Kim Yuna
Kim Yo-han (Joseph)
Park Ji Sung
Park Tae Hwan
Bong Joong Geun

Hot Body
Park Jaebum 
Son Dam Bi
Shin Min Ah
Lee Hyori
Jessica Gomes

Hot Style Icon
Kim Yuna
Seo In Young
Son Dam Bi
Lee Hyori

Hot Fashionista
Kim Nam Joo
Kim Min Hee
Shin Min Ah
Yoo Eun Hye
Jang Geun Suk

Hot Girl Group Style
Marine Look
Vivid Color
Cyborg Sunglasses
Hot Pants (Short Shorts)

Hot Online Song
2NE1 – Fire
Davichi – 8282
SNSD – Gee
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
8eight – Without a Heart

Hot Performance
Super Junior
Son Dam Bi

Hot Boom Up Song
Super Man – Speedy Scandal
Ssing Ssing Ssing (Zoom Zoom Zoom) – Kim Yuna
Perhaps That – Park Bo Young
As Years Pass – Song Seung Hun
Never Ending Story – Yoon Sang Hyun

Hot Couple
Kim Young Joon & Hwang Jung Eum
Noh Hong Chul & Jang Yoon Jung
Se7en & Park Han Byul
Jun Jin & Lee Siyoung
Tablo & Kang Hye Jung

Hot Mr. Beauty
Kim Bum
Kim Hyun Joong
Yoo Seung Ho
Yoon Sang Hyun

Hot Summer Heat Popularity Award
Lee Min Ho
Lee Seung Ki
MC Mong

The choices aren’t what I expected much, but it’s gonna get me tuned in.


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