Kang EunBi confesses about suicide attempt


Haven’t we all have our suicide craving sometimes. I know we all have. It kinda starts when you’re about the age of 8. This isn’t science proved, well I don’t know if it is, it’s just something I made up… and might be true.

Kang Eun Bi confessed that she wanted to do suicide after she suffered through bad rumors and comments about her. That’s what happens when you’re a star.

Kang Eun Bi stated that anti-fans had followed her on set and threw stuff at her, such as milk, eggs, even tissue. She also said that she sometimes walked with a bucket and had to go through psychiatric consultation.

She also stated that through all this harsh situations something told her to just die also saying “I Don’t Need You”. She said that she tried to commit suicide so many times. She would hear voices when she wake up and run upstairs and hang herself. She even tried rolling off the stairs and even tried to cut her wrist.

I guess God loves her.

Her brother was also teased in school. Because of this her brother came home crying begging her to leave the Entertainment industry and never go back.

People also believed she committed suicide when Jung Da Bin and U-Nee committed suicide because of what she wrote on her minihompy.

Kang Eun Bi is also releasing a new album titled “Makin’ Love”.


This’ll be her first time debuting as a singer.

Check out her single “A Song Dedicated To You”.

Credits: dianria19733 @ YT


4 thoughts on “Kang EunBi confesses about suicide attempt

  1. That’s harsh! I hope she can get better and I know there are anti fans. I’m also an anti fan of many other artistes, but I’ll never go that far to making her want to commit suicide. And she’s a pretty good singer too!

  2. why are the ant-fans so harsh?are they willing to take responsiblity for the emotional and psychological agony that she and her family went through.hope eun bi will find success in her singig career! kang eun- bi,fighting!

  3. Or she is really good at being a drama queen and likes to fake all these “suicide” attempts.

    What people would do to get attention is ABSURD!!!

  4. Miss Kang EunBi, Pls try to think of Family and Friends if something would happen to you. You seem to be very caring and Lovable women, maybe there are some mean haters out there but Pls always think of you Family, and Your Friends and how much there need and Love You, If you ever start goiong through bad times or sad times maybe ask you best most caring friend over for coffee and talk about what you are feeling. I am often sad when I think of Lee Eun Joo, Jung Da Bin, U-Nee, Choi Jin-sil, Jang Ja-yeon. also try to think of fellow Actresses that wanted to live but got sick and died like, Jang Jin-young. Pls know taking ones life is not the answer all people have Family and Friends that will miss them, That Love them sometimes life gets hard these days. I say when you get these feelings to go have coffee and talk to your best Friend the one you can tell anything to and it is just you two. I know you must have many people around you that Love and care for you. I wish you the best of luck in the future

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