It Started With A Kiss goes Korean!


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is my first Taiwanese drama that I watched and I watched the anime already and the Japanese version of the drama (which was first after the manga released). I’m in love with this manga/live action drama. I’m so freaking happy!!!

We all know that Japanese mangas are one of the best books to read in the world, and here comes another romantic, spectacular drama. Group Eight bought the rights to make another version of the hit drama. They also bought the rights to hit dramas such as “Goong” and previously hit drama “Boys Before Flowers/ Hana Yori Dango”. Oh yeah.

Next up on the list is hit Japanese Manga “Mischievous Kiss” or shall I say “Itazura Na Kiss”. The manga was remade into a Japanese live action drama but the drama couldn’t go long because the manga had never been finished. The artist of the hit manga died from cerebral hemmorrhage on March 11, 1999 before she could finish the drama, and only she knew the ending of this sweet story.

Group Eight announced that “Mischievous Kiss” was their next project and it will soon begin filming. They have big plans to air it next summer. Even though the story doesn’t have an ending, the writer of the script has something in mind. They have plans to use the ending of Taiwanese drama “They Kiss Again” (Sequel to It Started With A Kiss) or make a different one.

The story is pretty much about a boy that is pretty much the smartest person in all of the nation (Korea, Taiwan, or Japan. Depends where the story takes place). He’s a mean person, and doesn’t want to get close to a clumsy girl, who has a huge crush on him.

Well, they changed this part in the Taiwanese drama. In the Japanese drama there was a fire in the girls’ house, but in the Taiwanese drama and manga, there was a minor earthquake that puts their house to the ground and she and her dad were forced to move in with the boy. While they live with him and his family, the girl changes the whole family.

It’s quite interesting. When I watched It Started With A Kiss, I was hooked to the computer. Watching about 4 episodes each day. 🙂


One thought on “It Started With A Kiss goes Korean!

  1. Oh my gosh!! really? I love Itazura Na Kiss! It’s one of my favorite mangas!! I wish they had an ending, but I really can’t wait till the Korean drama comes out!! I wonder who the cats are. It needs to be someone who is as annoying and bubbly like Kotoko and evil and smart like Irie-Kun. Oh man, I can’t wait!!

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