Kim Hyun Joong Watches 2NE1’s CL


SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong confessed on MBC Section TV when he was asked “Out of all the girl groups, which specific member do you observe mostly?” and his answer was “Out of the members of 2NE1, I’ve been watching their bad girl CL.” One phrase to me: Oooh La La La.

He also said that the first time he saw her the phrase he said was “Wow, who is she?

He’s admitted that he has never gotten the chance to meet her in person and admires her a lot. He recored a message saying “I am your senior of a few years but I wish that your career as a singer will be very good. Thanks for inspiring me.”

Credits: hoonfami @ YT

CL is one lucky chick if she gets the chance to date this hunk of hmm! Are they a great couple? One more time. Oooh La La La. But he can’t love her that much to make a song about her?


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