Will YG Entertainment kill SE7EN’s career?


It’s been sometime since we’ve heard about SE7EN. I even almost forgot that he was debuting in the U.S. All those hype he’s been giving us since he debuted on 106 & Park on BET. Still… no success huh?

It was said last month that YG was going to ruin SE7EN’s career by turning down big deals in the US and some in Korea and Japan. When this news released worldwide, fans were shocked. But like all companies do, they try to look like the good guy.

YG Entertainment stated that SE7EN will release a new album this year and will promote it in Korea and Japan at simultaneously. They also added that they’re not trying to kill SE7EN’s career and are taking their time to bring SE7EN back to the US so his US debut will be excellent.

Well, didn’t they do that for 2 years now, since SE7EN was in the US for 2 years without releasing a new US album.

Now that news as released that not all artist are treated like Kings and queens, you shouldn’t be surprise if SE7EN doesn’t even step foot on the American soil.


2 thoughts on “Will YG Entertainment kill SE7EN’s career?

  1. Oh man, I hope SE7EN can still be sucessful in the US but I think he also needs to go back to korea, so I hope that this is true!

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