Kwon Sang Woo won’t make Hollywood Debut yet


Life isn’t all that great, but it can get better.

It’s been revealed that Kwon Sang Woo isn’t going to debut in Hollywood just yet due to the Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou. Well, Jay Chou is just awesome, so at this point I don’t care who won the part.

Kwon Sang Woo was supposed to act as Kato in the upcoming Hollywood movie “The Green Hornet”.

The director of the film, Michael Gondry, announced that Jay Chou is incredibly charming and fights like a wild dog. When he had filmed him with Seth, he realized they had a great chemistry, which led him to think or know that the movie would be great.

Famous Chinese director, Stephen Chow was originally supposed to direct and play this dream film for Kwon Sang Woo fans but quit the project to do another. They searched for new casts and Kwon Sang Woo became the most likely to act like Kato, but Jay Chou came into the picture and stole Kwon Sang Woo’s spotlight.

Jay Chou says that this role, to him, is a dream role and is proud to accept it.

Even though it hurt some Kwon Sang Woo fans, and cheered up so Jay Chou fans, I’m still cool with it cause I love both. Yaay, good things happen to me these days. Check out “The Green Hornet” next year!


3 thoughts on “Kwon Sang Woo won’t make Hollywood Debut yet

  1. Aww man, I wanted to see Kwon Sang Woo, but I’m ok with it since Jay Chou’s gonna be in it. Ah weel, nthere’s always a next time!!
    And I love Stephen Chow!

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