G-Dragon teases for Solo album


Hell to the muthereffing yeah!

G-Dragon is loving his me2day, which is basically the Korean Twitter. He posted a preview of his solo album, getting fans happy, and getting me too happy. The preview is just a preview of a song in his album. I’m not sure if it’ll be his single or just a song in his album, but the song is quite interesting.

Will you love it, will you hate it? Don’t decide yet! You haven’t listened to it.

Check it out!

Credits: Vicki3476 @ YT

Here comes another titled “Butterfly” and as a fan of it, I’m loving it. It’s like a better song of feeling sad and damn horny to eff the boy. Acoustic guitars always get me happy.

G-Dragon hopes that fans that listen to the song can close their eyes and think about the person the love the most. He said he made this song while he was thinking about how nervous he was with his first love.

Check out “Butterfly”.

Credits: timingsinow @ YT

His album will drop on the 18th of August!


2 thoughts on “G-Dragon teases for Solo album

  1. His songs sound great! ^.^ I can’t wait to hear the rest of his songs when his album comes out =D Aww that butterfly song has a sweet meaning ^.^ and I really like the beat to the first song >=D

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