Daesung in car accident!


News has released that Big Bang’s Daesung was in a car accident while he was going back home from filming an episode of family outing. It is said that the vehicle that hit him bumped into another car and hit his car.

YG Entertainment believes that his arm was injured. His manager had a leg injury, while Daesung’s hairstylist was quickly rushed to the hospital for sever bleeding. The car was squashed when it crashed.

To reveal some truth now. It seems like the results are worse.

Daesung had injured his nose. It’s even worse because it hit the same spot that he got injured in when he was a little kid.


YG Entertainment stated

There’s also been a alignment problem with Daesung’s spinal cord. But it will clear up in four weeks. Daesung also suffered injuries in his arm and face. While Daesung was on his way back from filming Family Outing at 4 PM on Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, it was raining very hard and there was a lot of water. The vehicle slid and crashed to Daesung. Daesung sat in the passenger’s seat, while his manager drove and his coordinator was sitting in the back.

Daesung can’t join any group activities for 4-6 weeks due to this accident and will not be joining the group next month.

I hope he gets better. Big Bang doesn’t seem right without him.


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