MNet Media takes away T-ara’s Phone and internet?


It was revealed that T-ara’s company, MNet Media, has taken away T-ara’s Cellphones and restricted time for them on the internet.

T-ara told medias that after they had some discussions with their company (MNet Media) they cooperated with them and gave them their cellphones. They’re allowed to use their managers phone if there is an urgent matter.

MNet Media also stated that they didn’t only take away T-ara’s phone but also restricted time on the internet. They had felt that if they spend too much time in the computer, it would disturb their training time.

Before they debuted, they gave the company their phones when they wake up at 6, and will be given back when practice is done at night. The media felt that because of texting, which kept the girls up, they took away their cellphones for a period of time.

It doesn’t seem so bad. If it was messing them up, maybe they had the right too. But I thought they couldn’t use the internet for a period of time because if they post one little wrong thing, it could affect them, the group, and the company. But don’t mind me. I’m just the girl behind the computer.


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