Twiny Teases With “Flutter”


I know what you’re thinking. First, we didn’t want any more girl group, and a duo would be fine these days also solo singers. But these days we’re starting to flood with duos. I’m tired of duos now!

Twiny are such cuties, don’t you think? Seo Kyeong and Sung Hee makes up ‘Twiny’. What does that mean? Tiny + Whiney?

The teasers might change  you guys perspective if you think they’re just another duo. They released two teasers for their first single titled “Flutter”. It sounds like they’re bringing old in ‘old school’. The song isn’t so bad, but it’s something you might want to listen to when the full song comes out!

Anyways check out the teasers!

2nd teaser

Credits: jaeuraznmv1 @ YT


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