[Hot Shot]G-Dragon goes blonde for HeartBreaker


I actually couldn’t recognize him until I stared at the pictures harder. But, this is surely G-Dragon. Because I’m digging the pics.

Big Bang member G-Dragon is teasing quite a lot for his first solo album titled “HeartBreaker”, and official pictures of him for his album is now released. I have to say that the pictures are pretty hot!

G-Dragon has gone through many phases of different hairstyles, and awkward looks, from shaving half of his hair, to too much ‘sex’ on his shirt. But to say the truth, don’t we all love it? Now take a look at him… blonde… strange, but sexy.

YG Entertainment stated that G-Dragon is a big part in Big Bang’s success and has made huge hits for the boys. His new album will now have 10 songs and will show the true side of G-Dragon.

Check out the true, yet awkward and sexy side of G-Dragon!




13 thoughts on “[Hot Shot]G-Dragon goes blonde for HeartBreaker

  1. Woah… He’s just like holding an apple, yet I feel hot looking at them! I really can’t wait for the album to come out now!

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