Nam Gyu Ri Quits SeeYa… For Good


We reported last month that SeeYa would be coming back once again. But it seems like this fighting against members won’t be happening after all.

Former member of SeeYa Nam Gyu Ri quits SeeYa for good, this time. She says that the members and her weren’t getting along so well. So she just left.

Core Contents Media stated on the phone “The company and Nam Gyu Ri had been talking, but we (the company & other members of SeeYa) had differences with Nam Gyu Ri, therefore we don’t think she’ll ever return to SeeYa.”

The company has already found a better replacement for Nam Gyu Ri and she will be revealed on when? When?! When!!? On August 19th.

Is Nam Gyu Ri really that stubborn?


One thought on “Nam Gyu Ri Quits SeeYa… For Good

  1. Oh man, Nam Gyu Ri used to be my favorite member in SeeYa. I’ll miss her, but I think she didn’t have to be that bossy or whatever…

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