Another artist talks bad about BoA


More trash talking, more problem.

There’s another Jessica H.O. in the building. If no one knows who Jessica H.O. is… she talked bad about BoA too. But Jessica H.O. was stupid enough to write the bad things she said about her during her debut years. Even though I’m not a big fan of BoA, I’ve gotta say this is so freaking funny.

So… here comes another. Another artists named Christina Chung, which is an Indie Korean-American singer, said something bad after she tweeted. It seems like she has a secret weapon.


LOL, “Learn English”. LOL. That’s kinda true. She didn’t sound so great when she was singing with Akon in “Beautiful”. It might not be a bright move, but more people know about her now.


2 thoughts on “Another artist talks bad about BoA

  1. Eh, I’m sorry but BoA does need to get better at her English. I know it’s REALLY hard to learn English especially since she’s from a foreign country. But BoA needs to improve on her vocals and English or she leave.

    I just wish the best to her, but I think it might end badly.

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