Christina Chung calls BoA “Successful”


After badmouthing BoA, Christina Chung calls BoA “successful”.

We all know how crazy fans can be for their artist. If another artist calls their favorite artist “A no-good-English-speaking girl”, fans will go crazy. And after sometime under the spotlight, Christina Chung apologized saying

To all BoA fans, my apologies. My statement was rude and hasty. She is a talented and successful artist that I do respect.

I bet she thought that it wouldn’t make fans crazy or bymistakely wrote it while she was drunk, or sleeptyping. If you actually search her up, she’s a great artist. BoA fans can bash her on her official MySpace page.

Please don’t bash her. I was just joking.


2 thoughts on “Christina Chung calls BoA “Successful”

  1. BoA is sucessful I guess, but I hope she comes back to SK soon! She isn’t great in America, so I think it’s best to come back to the place where her career started.

    And I do think Christina Chung isn’t saying the truth about this. She just doesn’t want a bad name to her from all die-hard BoA fans.

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