KoJaProductions Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

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I’m supposed to write this on the 14th, but I just can’t, because there’s a big chance I won’t be on. So I’ll write it on the 13th, but post the date on the 14th.

We’ve been through ups and downs. Good days and bad days. We sometimes have even considered canceling the blog due to school, but just couldn’t handle letting some people down. We have now reached one year of staying and keeping up with our blog. Even if we haven’t written news for about a month, we still had to trust others to trust us.

2009 isn’t a good year for everyone, or for me. Today is a special day to some (like us). We’ve had out YouTube account deleted about 2 or 3 times, but we get bored and just make a new one. You kinda get used to it when you start doing it.

The blog might not be as popular as other blogs or websites, but we’re greatful that thousands of people can visit it daily. We thank you all for visiting our blog, even if it’s just once or twice… or a million times.

We’ve seen bad comments, worse comments, good comments, great comments. We won’t ask for your help, when you rely on our help.

Thank you for letting us celebrate this day. Now, get set for school, cause I am. Celebrate for as long as you can or don’t celebrate. Just as long as you visit the blog, it’s okay with us.

For now… Keep Your Cool!


2 thoughts on “KoJaProductions Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

  1. YAY! Congratulations~ I love checking up on this site to see all the updates ;D I know school is pretty busy considering many of us is still in it too n to take it one step further by taking ur time to update the blog is a lot to ask for. I appreciate all of you guys efforts in keeping this blog up. LOVE YOU GUYS! keep up the great work!

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